Tile Tales

Tiles on the market today fall into one of two basic categories: machine-manufactured or handmade. Machine manufacturing produces tiles that are regular-shaped and uniform in colour, and are easier to use in construction and installation. Handcrafted tiles come in a variety of shapes, with each one unique and difficult to reproduce. They may have rough edges, irregular colouring due to kilning, or marks left during the crafting process. These artful creations come to life in the hands of a skilled craftsman when installed in the home: each becomes part of a unique composition, adding up to a one-of-a-kind masterpiece that captures the homeowner’s individual aesthetic.

Colour Wheels

The smooth, porous surface of ceramic and porcelain tiles lends itself ideally to paint application, drying to a durable, fade-resistant finish for colour that will last through the years.



Memorable Mosaics

The art of decorative mosaics can be traced back to the ancient Greeks, later becoming a key element in the decoration of churches and residences. Today, talented artisans use small pieces of a variety of materials to create vibrant, elaborate designs, bound to become showstoppers in any room of the home.



Refined Reliefs

Unlike the surface of a hard stone, clay offers a more convenient medium for carving and kilning. Intricate carvings form beautiful designs on the tiles and can be painted with colourful glazes to accentuate the dimensional patterns. 



English Text by Kate Missine