Summer Muse

Summer Muse

Uplifting the spirit and enriching the mind with the finest of global treasures and cultural masterpieces inspires artfully curated ensembles for sightseeing day trips and nights on the town.



Ice Palace

Built in 1708, the Grand Trianon château of Versailles was commissioned by King Louis XIV as an intimate retreat for himself and his mistress Marquise de Montespan. The Mirror Room is just one of its fine, colourful apartments, distinguished by its mirrored walls and icy blue palette. 

A regal combination of cool blues, whites, and rich gold, deriving inspiration from the Grand Trianon Salon, with its vibrant upholstery and cream-and-gold backdrop, the key to a classically luxe style fit for royalty.

Emperor’s Treasure

Nearly 700,000 ancient Chinese imperial artifacts and artwork pieces are housed inside Taipei’s National Palace Museum’s impressive walls. The collection spans 8,000 years of Chinese art history, from neolithic to modern, making this must-visit museum one of the world’s largest of its kind. 

Exotic, lush shades of aqua and coral, inspired by the museum’s colourful facade detail and accented with graceful Asian motifs, form a fresh summer look in feminine, figure-skimming silhouettes.

From with Russia Malachite

The Malachite Room in St. Petersburg’s Winter Palace takes its name from the Russian mosaic-style malachite details adorning the striking space, originally designed in the 1830s as a drawing room for the Empress Alexandra Fyodorovna.

Dramatic jewel-hued greens and streamlined, statuesque silhouettes nod to the vivid malachite columns anchoring the room, with glimmering golden details alluding to the elaborate gilded panels.

Bololi In Bloom

Resplendent in their classical stone accents, fountains, hidden grottos and exquisite sculpture collections, Florence’s Boboli Gardens are one of the earliest examples of formal 16th-century Italian gardens. The lovely grounds are set behind the Pitti Palace, the grand main residence of the Medici grand dukes. 

An ensemble that captures the enduring essence of the elegant gardens in all their blooming glory means petal hues of vibrant fuchsia and cool mint, fluttering fabrics, and delicate floral-themed accessories.