Hayden Panettiere’s Interior Designer Shares his secrets

Interior designer Benjamin Vandiver is not only an up-and-comer, his work is a breath of fresh air. 



Benjamin Vandiver was born in Nashville. And that explains a lot about his work as an interior designer. There’s a sense of comfort in it. Hospitality. Accessibility. Ease, even. The homes he designs are meant not to be simply seen or appreciated or fawned over. They’re meant to be lived in.

A celebrated new entrant in the world of interior design, Vandiver has worked with a number of celebrities such as Connie Britton and Hayden Panettiere. His work combines a contemporary, understated, “everything in its right place” aesthetic with a penchant for that one, bold, eye-catching focal point that immediately grabs your imagination when you enter a room.  

“I want to be able to breathe in a space, ” Vandiver explains. “I think restraint comes off as more tasteful. I don’t have to see a collection of 15 beautiful vases. Give me one that’s really beautiful and let it stand on its own — let it have its own voice, instead of being crowded with things.” 

Classic, tasteful and timeless — that’s Vandiver’s M.O. Open his closet and you’ll find an APC Denim jacket. There’s a vintage Rolex on his wrist (circa 1980s); you can catch the faint whiff of Bois d’Orage by Frederic Malle when you pass by. Check out his desk and you’ll find a stash of Uni Pin 0.05mm ultra-fine markers (black, please); there’s probably a small bouquet of hyacinths nearby on a Holland & Sherry Bespoke side table or a Frederic Malle “Saint des Saints” candle. When he needs to get away from work for a bit, you’ll find Vandiver at places like The Marlton in New York City. Or perhaps in his living room, enjoying a movie starring his favourite actress, Meryl Streep. For dinner: a fillet of salmon, grilled and adorned simply with rock salt and freshly cracked black pepper. Beside it, a classic martini cocktail. Dry but not too dry, made with premium gin; shaken or stirred — either way, it’s all good. 

Photography by  Andrea Behrends