You, Me And The Mediterranean Sea

Everyone needs to unplug. So leave behind the phones, traffic, work and everyday fuss. One of these four private getaways for you and your family is sure to relax even the most highly strung: adventures at sea, remote Islands or a desert oasis. Then, pick up where you left off, refreshed and energized. Bon voyage!

Desert Oasis

Destination: Canyon Point, Southern Utah at Amangiri Resort 
Distance from downtown Vancouver: 1,459 km
Nearest rush hour traffic: 428 km through stark naked desert.

Getting lost in the desert is no one’s idea of fun, but losing yourself at a desert resort … Now that’s something we could all use. This carefully situated gem delivers contemporary accommodations with rugged and astonishing views of the sculpted valley. Enjoy the central swimming pool masterfully built around canyon rock. Find your personal oasis in a landscape swept clean of interruptions. Amangiri (or “Peaceful Mountain”) Resort is easy to get to, but feels far, far away.


You, Me and the Mediterranean Sea

Destination: Southern Italy, then into the Mediterranean Sea. Stay aboard the Lupa of London.
Distance from downtown Vancouver: 9,948 kms
Nearest paparazzi: 345 kms past the visible horizon, buzzing somewhere around Monaco. 

Embrace the wind and an endless blue—ocean lovers rejoice. Lupa of London, a modern and speedy sailboat will take you around the Western Mediterranean for the spin of a lifetime. See the sun as it rises straight out of the water and let the ocean gently sway you to sleep after a day of smooth sailing. The world is yours from horizon to horizon. The only way to get more privacy is to leave the captain behind on the dock but we highly recommend keeping him around.


Canada’s Galapagos

Destination: The north island of Haida Gwaii, British Columbia, Haida House at Tlaal
Distance from downtown Vancouver: 716 kms
Nearest stoplight: 126 kms away in Prince Rupert  

Come back to the basics: rain forest, neverending beachcombing, and crisp air all greet you on Haida Gwaii where respect for nature and Native traditions still runs strong. Whether you are aiming for a relaxing weekend or a full blown wilderness adventure, Haida Gwaii has it—peaceful hikes, a world-class cultural center, culinary delights, helicopter rides and boating adventures. Divorce yourself from the city and visit Canada’s long-lost secret. 


In the Middle of the Indian Ocean

Destination: In the island nation of Seychelles, Cousine Island offers luxury villas 
Distance from downtown Vancouver: 15,034 kms
Closest continent: Africa, 1,348 kms away. The next closest continent, Asia, is 2,384 kms away. 

Cousine Island is a place where the motto “promote and practice nature conservation” echoes through a secluded 62 acres. Its soothing white sand welcomes your feet to the beach, leading the way past the exotic waters of the Indian Ocean. As a special perk, there is an option to reserve the whole island for yourself. That’s right, Robinson Crusoe, we’re talking to you.

Photo courtesy of Amangiri Resort / CharterWorld – Lupa of London / Top: Photo by Joelle Rabu; Bottom left: Tourism BC/Tom Ryan; Bottom right: Tourism BC/JF Bergeron / Photos courtesy of Cousine Island