5 luxurious ensembles that perfectly capture your mood

The time is right to celebrate all the ways you live life to the fullest. Celebrate your daily contributions in serene, luxurious ensembles that capture your mood for a polished look around the clock.

Smoke Signals

Be the vision that makes time stand still 
Emerge from a dream state 
Just in time to meet your ideal match

Viscose A-line front-pockets dress
Knit kidskin open shoes
Tweed metal chain-link bracelet
Acetate sunglasses
Calfskin flap bag

All by Chanel, price upon request


Cool & Collected



Deep down, simplicity rules   
Regaining composure is as easy 
As swirling tea in a teacup

Cashmere pullover and matching skirt

All by Chanel, price upon request


Lean In 



Back away from the bustle for a second
Pause and breathe 
Be energized by colour 
and the sophistication of complex texture

Fantasy tweed dress
Tweed metal chain-link bracelet
Knit flap bag
Desirio nail polish

All by Chanel, price upon request





What will the day bring 
A burst of joy, an ebullient laugh 
How do you choose to paint the day?

Painted cotton tweed suit
Metal, glass pearls and plexiglass bracelets

All by Chanel, price upon request


Centre Stage


Orchestrate the joy 
Dance with delight 
Bask in beauty

Cotton voile open back dress. Sequined bodice
Tweed metal chain-link bracelet

All by Chanel, price upon request

 Photography by Pooya Nabei  Makeup and Hair by TALYSIA AYALA at THEYrep.com/talysiaayala  Fashion Stylist: Many Ngom  Photographer’s Assistant: AZIN A.  Model Lisa Baronit at  Lizbell Agency