Max Mara

A limited-edition handbag pays tribute to Vancouver’s heritage

Italy’s Max Mara loves Vancouver. Just as a musician would write a love song for his sweetheart, the Italian fashion house has designed a bag in praise of Vancouver’s fine attributes.

It’s the first time Max Mara has paid tribute to a city this way.

The bag’s powder-pink mink sides are juxtaposed against a smooth leather suede front. The idea is to portray Vancouver’s diversity.

It is a culturally diverse city — about half of its residents are visible minorities. But it’s also a diverse environment. The city’s architecture is creative and varied, evidence of the design talent that thrives there. In Vancouver, nature and metropolis stand side by side, in contrast and in harmony.

Inside the bag is a matching leather pouch. The dust-bag and tag feature Vancouver’s impressive cityscape. Max Mara released the limited edition, numbered bags at an intimate launch party in September, and the bags entered stores the following day.