Kitchen Companions

Move over, potato masher and citrus peeler! Make room for this season’s newest gadgets and appliances that bring zest to meal prep and a pinch of fun to the breakfast table.

Nambe Gourmet Novo Mortar & Pestle
Functional yet designed as art, this stunning accessory with a rich acacia wood base crushes fresh spices with finesse., (604) 904-1118

Koziol Audrey Tea Strainer
A gorgeous gift for the tea aficionado in your life who abhors drippy tea bags but adores a freshly brewed beverage., (604) 736-3378

Alessi “Dressed” Biscuit Box with Bell
Who stole the cookie from the cookie jar? A must-have for every mother’s pantry, a bell rings when the lid is lifted., (604) 736-3378

CTA Digital Bamboo Adjustable Kitchen Stand
Update your status and store knives in style with this chic invention that’s accessorized with a sleek bamboo stylus., (604) 904-1118

Alessi “Dressed” Egg Cup with Spoon
What did the egg do when the other egg told a joke? It cracked up. Functional yet fun, this cup is made of thermoplastic resin and accompanied by a stainless steel hammer/spoon., (604) 736-3378


KitchenAid Torrent Blender
Foodies can’t wait to test-drive this new front-loading blender that tackles everything from fruit smoothies and pasta sauces to fall soup recipes. Available in cool shades like Candy Apple Red and Sugar Pearl Silver., (800) 521-2364

iDevices Kitchen Thermometer Mini with Bluetooth
It’s like having your very own kitchen assistant! Enjoy that glass of wine on the patio until your mobile device alerts you the meal has reached its desired temperature., (604) 904-1118

KitchenAid Siphon Coffee Brewer
Make your morning cup of joe like a coffee-brewing mad scientist! This retro-future coffee machine uses a centuries-old technique to create the smoothest grounds-free brew., (855) 860-1081

Perfect Portions Digital Nutritional Scale
Track calories, carbs, fat, fibre and protein for everything you eat with this handy gadget! Its sleek design blends with modern kitchen decor., (604) 904-1118

Dualit 2-Slot Toaster
Bagels, buns and bread get toasted to perfection, thanks to the patented armour-plated design, sure to start your morning off right., (604) 736-3378