Into the Wild

As warming spring days roll in, nature awakens from slumber in a burst of new greenery, young woods, blossoming florals, and sweet birdsong. Greet the new season by welcoming these pure, organic elements into your home, and invigorate your space with nature’s energizing vitality. 

Flora and Fauna

From a wall fluttered with birds and flowers, to flower-garden upholstery, or a simple vase of freshly-cut blooms, dress up every room with nature’s prettiest presents.



Feeling the Green

The art of landscaping is not just for the garden anymore! Textured, three-dimensional greenery is popping up everywhere, from condos to offices, to add a living tactile layer to walls, ceilings, and even furniture. 



Pure Wood

Always a classic, today’s direction for wood is all about preserving the material’s colour and texture in its natural state, while engineering novel structures and forms.



Produced and Chinese Text by Rui Chen English Text by Kate Missine