In Good Taste


Appliances, the hard-working heroes of the kitchen, do all the heavy lifting, yet have long progressed past a purely utilitarian function to please the eye, too. Today’s electrical helpers come in all styles and design options to seamlessly integrate into any kitchen decor. From sleek and modern to funky retro or country-chic, these choices are tailor-made for your kitchen’s custom personality.

Country Classic

Warm and welcoming, the traditional country-style kitchen holds its timeless appeal through generations. Highlight its easy simplicity with simple stainless steel, in low-maintenance appliances that resist trends and the wear of time.

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Euro Groove

Not quite modern, yet not quite traditional, these unique old-school-style appliances have a quirky nostalgic vibe that meshes well with retro or Euro-themed kitchens. Or channel the look by hiding the appliances behind cabinet doors or decorative panels.



Modern Talking

Sleek, edgy, and modern kitchens mean one thing for appliances: high-tech. Bold colours, touch-control panels, and a slew of innovative features inject the space with a futuristic feel alongside cutting-edge functions for pro-level cooking.



Text by Kate MissineProduced by Rui Chen