Heavenly Hideaway

Autumn rains, sea, and mountains painted a mythical backdrop as patrons boarded a private luxury yacht and set sail from Harbour Green Park towards English Bay for Taste of Life’s cultural getaway, A Chinese Utopia. 

Landing on the island, guests embraced a 360-degree view atop the majestic villa while tea ceremony masters poured Singapore’s finest TWG tea.

MC Ryan Jiang and Taste of Life’s Sharee Dong welcomed and thanked the patrons, offering gifts to them in return — China’s sacred 5,000-year-old culture. First, Shen Yun Performing Arts’ beautiful video inspired the guests with resplendent, fairy-like maidens and heroic warriors filling the stage on screen.

Next, elegant models dressed in traditional Han couture, or Hanfu, floated across a catwalk, guiding attendees through ancient attire from the Tang, Song and Ming dynasties. 
Dinner prepared by Prince Seafood Restaurant and Miao’s Dumplings made the feeling of paradise tangible and tasty, all while two rainbows glowed on the bay — a prelude to the final touch of classical culture. 

A virtuoso plucked a seven-stringed Chinese guqin, resonating a sound and depth that could beckon the ancestors of the Middle Kingdom. 

Sprinkled throughout the cultural immersion were raffles and giveaways, including four prizes valued from $400 to $600 from Vanbox Media, Asia Pacific Farm Enterprises Inc., O’Deon Fine Furniture, and iLoveMy Home Club, with the $1,000 grand prize given by One Of A Kind Jade & Arts. The greatest gifts, of course, were the camaraderie, and the revival of these lost arts and sacred culture — experiences that can feed us today more than ever.

Chinese Text by Cherry Chen  English Text by Taylor Mathews