Greek Goddess

Whitewashed houses, azure-blue skies, and the shimmering Mediterranean paint the brilliance of the Greek Isles and Mykonos. Mykonos is named after the son of Apollo, and it has also been called “The Island of the Winds.” During the Greek Revolution of the 19th century, the Mykonians transformed their many trade ships into war ships and played a decisive role in freeing Greece from Ottoman rule. In the 1930s, the island became a hot global destination for the rich and famous. Today, it’s reputed for its vibrant nightlife and festive atmosphere. Arrive in style, clad in the landscape-inspired iconic crisp white and nautical elements echoing the coastal vibe.

Keep it cool and comfortable as you stroll around the seaside towns. Breezy palazzo pants in a fun pattern, along with sky-blue accents, nod to the island’s dynamic spirit. Flat sandals are a must to navigate stone steps, as is a chic, wide-brimmed sun hat.

Jewel of Jordan

Basked in its signature rose glow, the historical city of Petra lies amidst the desert sands of southern Jordan. The city dates back to 9,000 B.C. It was a major trading hub during the 4th century and it is now a UNESCO site. It is Jordan’s most-visited attraction, drawing tourists with its famous rock-cut architecture, which earned it the title “Rose City” due to the stone’s unique colour. Inspired by the dusty-pink hue, a pretty yet practical landing ensemble of khakis, sleeveless trench, and road-ready sneakers is ready for exploring in style.

Channel the sensual mystique of the Arabian nights for an evening out in the ancient city: elaborate gold jewellery adds an exotic touch to floaty layers of tulle and gossamer. Maxi-length skirts and a light cardigan keep things modest and comfortable on cool desert nights.