Glow On

Not Slick: 

Three ways to shoo away out-of-control shine forever


Mudder Dear

Like fairy godmothers, clay masks banish what’s bad and bestow better things onto oily skin, drawing out dirt and oil and tightening pores. But cracking means the spell has broken: rinse these products off while they’re still damp.



Matte-ify your constitution

Oily skin is often dry, so don’t cringe at the word “moisturise” — redefine it. Did you know you can pick a sebum-reducing lotion that freshens, reduces shine, and leaves behind nothing but a matte-finish? 


Never fear, oil-free foundation is here

Get a powdery-fresh face and keep the matte times rolling with foundations sans huile. Thank ingredients like salicylic and hyaluronic acids for full-coverage bases that don’t cause sweaty streaks or breakouts.


Thirst No More: 

Three roads that lead skin from parched to perfect


Get serious about serum

In addition to your daily moisture cream, a hydrating serum is a must-have. Apply before lotion to effectively deliver active ingredients like antioxidants, vitamins and extra-moisturizing agents into the skin’s cells.


Essential Oil

Facial oils deeply nourish the top layer of skin and add a barrier that protects and seals in hydration. For a naturally dewy look and all-day hydration, mix 2 to 3 drops into your a.m. moisturizer.


Pot of Gold

Dry skin, rich creams — you were made for each other. Nighttime is the right time to bathe your skin in intense moisture with balms like these that prevent signs of aging and help repair skin’s moisture barrier.