Fine Jewelry That Sings a Fairy’s Song

In faraway lands of lore and legend, away from mere mortals’ eyes, enchanted maidens rest upon clouds of spun gold, fairies spread their sparkling wings, and nymphs flitter through bejeweled woods, as diamond dewdrops glisten on emerald meadows, and secret gems wink in the colour of every flower.


Chopard An Alluring Paraiba Set

Limited Edition

At mountains’ feet, water nymphs splash in a hidden lake’s crystalline depths, guarded by a sacred circle of diamonds. Oval paraiba tourmaline of 41.5ct and lacework diamond ribbon on an 18k white gold ring. Earrings en suite. 

Ref 829676-1001. At Lugaro Boutiques, (604) 925-2043, Pre-order Only.


Secrets and Lights – A Mythical Journey by Piaget

Secrets of Venice Cuff Bracelet

In a rustle of sapphire feathers and an eye’s emerald twinkle, the elusive bird of happiness appears only to those of pure heart. Emeralds, blue sapphires, diamonds (approx. 1.08ct), and feathers on 18k white gold cuff bracelet. 

Ref G36L9300. At Lugaro Boutique,  (604) 925-2043, Pre-order Only. 



Cartier High Jewellery

Caresse d’Orchidées Necklace

As soft as petals’ flutter, demure as maiden’s blush, a blossom graces spirits with beauty’s gentle touch. Lavender chalcedony pendant, purple cultured pearls, coloured sapphires and diamonds on a white gold necklace. 

Ref CRHP701159. At Boutique Cartier, (604) 683-6878,, Vincent Wulveryck © Cartier



Collier Lion Mosaïque  Necklace


An avalanche of diamonds down, a bouquet of gems springs a lady to life. 2615 fancy-cut diamonds (97.8 carats) and two pear-cut diamonds set inside an 18-karat white gold necklace. 

REF# J 60437 FB, At CHANEL Boutiques


Van Cleef & Arpels

Seven Seas Collection Fee des Mers Clip

A siren’s soulful song beckons from within a seashell’s precious opalescent heart. White and yellow gold, diamonds, blue and yellow sapphires, spessartite, grossular garnets, and a cabochon-cut chalcedony of 23.64ct. 

At Birks Vancouver, (604) 669-3333,




Soie Dior “Fronce Saphir Rose” Bracelet

A rose-coloured dawn wakes buds of diamond petals to deep blushing stamens twinkling within; a floral fairy’s sparkling surprise. Diamonds, rubies and pink sapphires on a white gold bracelet. 


Ref JCAD93028. At Dior Boutique, (604) 891-1810,