Dash of Spring Beauty Care

As the icy winter cold is gradually melting into spring, quell your inner disquiet with goji berries and jiuniang (fermented glutinous rice) prepared with bird eggs. This dish is beneficial for the liver, heart, eyes, and soothing for your nerves.



Since ancient times, Chinese people have used different combinations of foods to treat various illnesses. This delicious medicinal dessert heralds the dawn of spring.

White jelly mushroom reduces facial age spots, making it a much-sought-after ingredient for beauty care. During the Qing Dynasty, it was hailed as a must-eat delicacy for the highest-ranking imperial concubines. It nourishes yin, reduces inner fire, strengthens kidneys, and prevents hypertension and arteriosclerosis.

The mildly sweet lotus seeds benefit qi and can heal most common ailments, while goji berries are a panacea for kidneys, liver, and eye ailments. Also known as a longevity fruit, this superfood can calm nerves.

As winter thaws into spring, these three ingredients — cooked with jiuniang and quail eggs — can alleviate restlessness caused by seasonal changes. This delicacy soothes frayed nerves, eases inner fire, and relieves sleeplessness.

Ingredients (serves 2):

3 cups water (700ml)
⅓ cup lotus seeds (40g)
0.35 oz (dry) white jelly mushroom (10g), or 1 cup (wet)
1 Tbsp goji berries (6g)
1 cup jiuniang (250g)
8 quail eggs, hard-boiled
Crystal or rock sugar


1.Soak jelly mushroom in water for 20 minutes. Discard water and soak again.
2.Remove stalk and cut into pieces.
3.Boil water, add jelly mushroom and washed lotus seeds.
4.Simmer for 30 minutes.
5.Add goji berries, jiuniang, and eggs.
6.Remove from heat after all ingredients are cooked.
7.Add sugar to taste.


Don’t pre-soak lotus seeds; soaked seeds cannot be cooked soft. Add sugar last; it also prevents seeds from being cooked soft.

Photography by Hsuyi Shih