Classic Grace

Aquiet sophistication and strength of spirit permeate Nancy Corzine’s classically refined interiors, much as they do their elegant creator. Clean mid-century lines, serene neutral palettes; every detail speaks to a sense of calm composure and an understated grace — epithets that are Corzine in a nutshell.

A self-taught prodigy with no formal training, Corzine has expertly navigated the world of design and business to rise to international heights, with a global couture furniture brand and recognition as a world’s leading female entrepreneur. Calling herself “somewhat of a dinosaur,” Corzine personally owns all her factories. Everything is made in-house, guided by a loyal team, most of whom have been with her for over 20 years. 

Just as the designer’s keen eye conjures her gorgeous spaces, her dynamic character and upbeat outlook reach out to make the world a more beautiful place. From years of serving Alzheimer’s foundations, to saving countless animals through animal rescues, Corzine’s extensive philanthropic endeavours embody her positive philosophy: embracing each day as a thrilling experience to be savoured.


Ms. Corzine’s Favourite Things



Like the “antiques of tomorrow” she creates, Corzine’s personal style is a study in understated, timeless elegance. Clad in a pair of perfectly fitting jeans, simple Tiffany pearls, eyes shielded behind classic Chanel sunglasses, and a minimalist Louis Vuitton bag slung over her shoulder, she channels a Hepburn-esque vibe, updated for a new decade. “Less is best” is also Corzine’s motto when it comes to makeup, but she indulges in a touch of opulence in her gold Manolo Blahniks, and her fragrance, Tom Ford’s lushly seductive Black Orchid. She delights in the freshness of white peonies and the surreal colours of Yuroz’ Trees paintings, and appreciates a perfectly made mashed potato when dining out. At home, Corzine surrounds herself with “classics of any era” and loves to sink into a “wonderfully deep and comfortable sofa” as she leafs through a favourite Vitruvius title; or to treat herself to a weekend in the country. And when on the road, wrapped in a cashmere shawl and with her trusty Tumi suitcase in tow, she heads off to Venice or Paris to seek inspiration — with the occasional closer-to-home stay at the glamourous Beverly Hills Peninsula hotel.

Text by Kate Missine  

Translated by Tian Tian  

Produced by Many Ngom