4 of our favorite Bathroom designs reveal true Bliss

Whether you prefer leisurely baths or invigorating showers, the en suite can be a bespoke temple — an oasis of calm with the mission to relax, rejuvenate and make daily rituals effortless. Leave guilt at the door, and be inspired by the indulgent ideas of award-winning interior designer Corey Klassen.



Soft Curvaceous Shapes 

Choose tubs with fluid lines to add contrast and soften the feel of the space. Freestanding tubs are the star of the bathroom. Like a piece of fine sculpture, this gorgeous slipper tub is light and easy to position.
Victoria + Albert Baths Cabrits Bath 
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Artistic Warmth 

Fireplaces are no longer just for the living room. Confidently artistic with a whisper of hotel chic, new bathroom products make a statement. Considered an element of romance and elegance, a fireplace is the finishing touch to the bathroom’s overall design aesthetic.
Axor Starck Collection
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Noble Accents 

Bring out magnificence with Old World textures and decoration. Rich gold finishes are making a big comeback in the bathroom, and complement period styles. When paired with subtle materials such as marble countertops, the look is simply regal. 
Gessi MIMI 24K Gold Plated Faucet
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Sublime Comfort 

Atmospheric lighting and high-tech gadgets enhance the room. Considering the average person spends 1.5 years of their lifetime in the bathroom, it seems only natural to add the essentials — a TV, comfortable chair or even surround sound for a lounge-inspired experience.
Duravit Starck Tub
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