A Recipe for Mother’s Heart

A delicious soup to restore feminine beauty at any age

A mother’s energy and happiness flows from, and through, her heart. In Chinese medicine, adequate qi (i.e. vital energy) and fortified blood are fundamental to health and beauty. As mothers toil day and night and advance in age, their bodies become worn down, and qi and blood inadequacy need attention. Young mothers also need to supplement their diet with blood-replenishing foods to alleviate* cold hands and feet, pale complexion, fatigue and other symptoms.

In this issue of Taste of Life magazine, we recommend this simple, quick, very mild, sweet soup of rehydrated wolfberries (goji berries), jujubes (Chinese dates) and eggs. In fact, it is an ancient custom for Chinese women to eat eggs while recovering from childbirth in order to nourish yin, reinforce the heart, calm the mind and detoxify. Wolfberries and jujubes have likewise been passed down through the generations as delicious, nutritious snacks that prevent deficiencies and keep women looking youthful. This consommé can be enjoyed for strengthening the blood or as an everyday tonic.


25-50g Chinese wolfberries
6-8 jujubes
2 eggs


Boil eggs until hard, then peel. Boil the peeled eggs again with goji berries and Chinese dates for 20 minutes and serve hot. Serve stock separately. Repeat morning and evening daily or on alternative days for one month.

* This article not intended as a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment.

photos by Hsuyi Shih