A Kiss to Build a Dream On

One designer’s quest for the beautiful, the local and the lasting



Céline Pitre is the interior designer behind some of Shaughnessy’s grande dames, homes that soar inside. She developed her eye for exquisite design in her native Montreal and in Europe but, today, her heart belongs to Vancouver — to its local boutiques, craftspeople and to artists who invoke crisp, lightstrewn dreamscapes inspired by BC’s beauty.

While designing Sonora Resort’s exclusive new Sea Lion Pointe accommodations, Pitre commissioned nearly $1 million of local, original art — from beatific glass panels by Markian Olynyk to paintings by Ken West that seem to glow from within.

The only thing she loves more than a day orchestrating a project that’s madly under construction is a day spent neck-deep in ferns “extreme gardening” beside her Arthur Erickson-designed home. In the evenings, she visits Europe via the kitchen: creating simple, Italian-inspired cuisine like fish with one or two vegetables,
served with wine, bread, cheese and heaps of laughter.

“In Europe I saw it all over the place,” she says, “Really well designed items, from a well-sharpened Henckels knife to an ancient building, if taken care of, look good and give pleasure for a long, long time.” Turn the page to see a petite exhibition of Pitre’s local, luxurious inspirations.

Photography by Milos Tosic

First things first… diamonds, white gold and an aquamarine gemstone rendered into art and a pendant by Céline’s go-to jeweller Costen Catbalue of Vancouver. Flourishes and checkers embellish a black cardigan by Versace, one of her favourite designers. Céline can’t live without her Waterman fountain pen, whose weight balances perfectly in her hand; from The Vancouver Pen Shop. After digging in her garden all day, Céline loves a simple and sumptuous meal with great wine. Right now, Saintsbury Carneros Pinot Noir is one she digs most. Céline is passionate about supporting talented local artists like Markian Olynyk (“Arc Series: 7BG5” blue and multicoloured glass) and Ken West (“KOI” oil on canvas, 48 x 48 in.). Gifting sweet treats from bakeries like West Vancouver’s Temper is in her DNA. Catch Céline enjoying a great book in her classic 1950s Eames lounge chair and ottoman. She’s thrilled about her summery new “atmosphere maker,” Komodo outdoor fireplace by Paloform, whose flames symbolize her spirit and creativity.