fashion inspired by her favorite vintage shops

With her long jet waves and black eyeliner, actress Samantha Michelle could easily slip into the role of film noir heroine. A veteran of theatre roles and TV (she recently appeared in Lost Girl), Samantha’s love of drama has spilled over into a retail venture in her family’s Windsor Arms Hotel. The idea for her shop came to her over a plate of sweet potato fries: the next day she was on a plane to London to source her collection. 



The Treasure Chest specializes in vintage ’20s fashion and accessories. “I go to my favourite vintage shops overseas and find pieces that I think are interesting or inspiring in some way — pieces that evoke a particular sentiment from a bygone era, or that I associate with characters I’ve loved in period films.” 

Samantha frees others to explore different characters in the historic Windsor Arms where “adults could come and feel like children again… could purchase things that made them smile, or feel playful, or sexy.”

Samantha’s Picks

When it comes to glamour, Samantha relies on Giuseppe Zanotti high heels, “the higher the better!” To accent her frosty blue eyes, she adds a coat of Yves Saint Laurent shocking faux-lash effect mascara in black, and a hit of green to accessorize. “I love emeralds. They’re a speck of magic, a little piece of Dorothy’s Oz,” she says. In true vintage form, she prefers one of her father’s cosy, perfectly aged sweaters. This world traveller loves Los Angeles, but not baking on the beaches. “I like to walk and see and do and meet and experience.” She’s inspired by the art of Ingres and will pick daisies over roses any day. Whether it’s furniture for her shop or home, she’s drawn to anything and everything that’s tufted. She bought a cool black Alexander McQueen handbag for her 25th birthday, where she keeps her necessities organized in pockets. Her ideal treat at the end of a day? A glass of Johnny Walker Black Label.