Find Harmony With a Balanced Home

Metal, Wood, Water, Fire and Earth are universal elements that bring harmony to their surroundings when placed strategically.

The best way to utilize the five elements is to place them strategically in locations where they will yield the effect you want. To promote strength and focus in your home, introduce the metal element toward the north or west with candle holders, picture frames or metal furnishings. 

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Place wood to the left, south or east areas of the home to invite growth, flexibility, generosity, and new avenues of change. Decorating with brown and green is one way to increase the presence of this element, or adding wooden bowls, driftwood or houseplants.

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Place the water element towards the front of the home or space where the door is located. The water element is all about wealth and abundance and is represented with a simple bowl filled with water, a fountain or the colours blue and black.

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The fire element contributes to high energy levels, fuels passion and fosters creativity, and is most effective when placed in the south. Add fiery red or purple hues and decorate with angular shapes like triangles and stars.

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The earth element forms a stable, nurturing environment and  is most effective in the center of the home. It is represented with square shaped decor items and sandy colors from light yellow to light brown. Consider decorating with stones, crystals or pottery.

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