5 Reasons to Visit Canada in 2019


Kluane National Park and Reserve of Canada, Canada
Kluane National Park and Reserve of Canada, Canada

Canada is a glorious country graced with much natural beauty. As the home of 16 UNESCO World Heritage Sites, Canada offers any visitor so much to see and do. The country itself is extremely vast, so much so that it covers six time zones. This means that it can offer much diversity as well as sights that are incredibly awe-inspiring. If that hasn’t inspired you to book your trip already, here are five reasons why you should visit Canada in 2019.

1. The Northern Lights

There probably isn’t anyone alive who doesn’t want to see the northern lights at some point during his or her time on Earth. The magnificence of this light display has been inspiring visitors to Canada for years and years. There are scientific reasons behind the lights, they are simply particles which have been charged by the rays of the sun reacting with molecules and atoms in our atmosphere. That being said, the display has an alluring, ghostly quality and everyone should get to see it at some point in life. Head to the most northern part of the country to catch the lights at their best.


Canadian Deer in winter snow
Taken at Mont-Tremblant, Canada

2. The Wildlife

Canada has such a huge range of wildlife that you might be able to catch a glimpse of. You could go polar bear spotting, spot a beaver, take to the seas and go whale watching or even meet a grizzly bear. Wildlife fans flock to Canada every year to try to spot their favourite animals. Remember, your search might take you over some rough terrain so be sure to do your research and ensure you have thought about every eventuality before you embark on your trip.



Cloud glading in the blue skye with the Rockies in the background in Banff

Columbia glacier
Banff, Canada

3. The Rocky Mountains

The Rocky Mountains stretch over 1,500 km across British Columbia and Alberta. This iconic mountain range offers you sublime mountain views along with crystal-clear lakes as well as stunning greenery. Home to the beautiful Lake Louise, a lake that has been coloured with glacial salt and so has a gorgeous turquoise glow, this area of Canada is a must-see for anyone. Plus, there is so much available for the outdoor enthusiast to do, with skiing, hiking, sailing, and fishing, there is something for everyone.



4.Niagara Falls

Located on the border between the United States and Canada, these magnificent falls are world-famous and should be on everyone’s bucket list of places to visit. We’ve all seen images of the falls on our TVs but nothing can compare to actually witnessing this spectacular sight in person. You can plan your Niagara Falls adventure online.


Red camping cup with Canadian flag being held by two hands.5. People

Canadians are known for being super friendly and happy, why wouldn’t they with the abundance of natural beauty on their doorstep? They are extremely liberal and laid back and love nothing more than making the most of any chance to show off their country. They welcome all tourists with open arms and will help ensure that your holiday is the best one possible.




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