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Taste of Life Magazine is France & Canada's leading luxury lifestyle magazine in Chinese and English.


Western Meets Eastern for the Holiday

Wendy Jacob

Taste of Life celebrates the Chinese New Year at a Maxmara reception.

Toronto’s Chinese New Year arrived on a chilly -25°C February 19th, but Taste of Life warmed things up with a reception at luxury Italian fashion house Maxmara on Bloor Street. 

Anastasia Lin, 2015 Miss World Canada candidate, acted as host for the evening while classical Chinese festival music played in the background. A tea hostess, beautifully dressed in Tang garb, made cups of Chinese tea from an exquisite Chinese urn crafted from centuries-old trees.

Wine and champagne flowed while guests nibbled on crispy artichoke tostada, candied salmon and pastrami sandwiches, in addition to traditional Chinese dishes such as Char Siu Lamb and Edamame Shiitake Rice Cake. Browsing Max Mara’s new dress and handbag collection was even more tempting, as guests were offered a special discount on purchase and the fashion label donated 10 percent of the evening’s sales to Shen Yun Performing Arts. 

A spring and summer fashion show highlighted Max Mara’s printed fabrics, which held hints of red that added a holiday feel. Four models wore striking pieces with simple lines, perfectly illustrating how stylish a wardrobe for modern, professional women can be. A live performance of Chinese erhu and pipa musical instruments accompanied the runway walks, and no doubt stirred fond memories.  The tunes Fair Evening, Horse Race, and Clouds Chasing the Moon won applause and cheers from not only Chinese nationals, but Westerners as well.

Two tickets for a Shen Yun Symphony Orchestra performance and a Max Mara purse were claimed by lucky raffle winners at the climax of the evening. The reception ushered in the New Year with joy, beauty and generosity.

Photography by Evan Ning