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how a 2,000 year old arm chair still remains popular

Margaret Trey

The crescent-backed armchair’s enduring appeal


Century Furniture Serenity Chair, $1,549,, 604 273 0155


Few of us realize that the crescent-backed armchair originated in China between 907 and 960 AD, the period before the fall of the Tang and the rise of Song dynasties. It followed in the spirit of the crescent-shaped Tang stool and the classic cross-legged Chinese folding chair.

The fascination with the design lies its timeless appeal. Ancient Chinese embraced the power of the square and circle, the yin-yang concept of complementary opposites. This simple seat embodies this philosophy with its square seat and half-moon back. It is believed that sitting on such a structure helps to energize us and imbue our space with heaven’s yang and earth’s yin forces.

Lifetimes ago, Chinese found that placing these chairs in pairs achieves the most satisfying arrangement. The subtle dynamism formed between the design’s contrasting shapes and planes brings a quiet grandeur to fireplaces, posh hotels and restaurants, conference rooms and a myriad of other settings. 

Furniture designers have remained inspired by its aesthetics, with variations from France’s Louis XVI, vintage Windsor and Danish Hans Wegner in the 1950s. Its details are constantly re-imagined by contemporary design houses like Roche Bobois, Kartell Joe, McGuire, Christopher Guy and Mint Alban. 

Kartell Joe Colombo Armchair, $3,500, 877 683 1116


Christopher Guy Pliseé 4 Screen, $9,664, 604 733 1174

Roche Bobois AVA Chair, $400, 604 633 5005

McGuire Gondola Garden Chair , Price Upon Request, 604 736 8822

Christopher Guy Menton 3 Screen, $8,739, 604 733 1174

Christopher Guy Davina Chair, Starting at $2,626, 604 733 1174


Mint Alban Dining Chair, $399, 604 568 3430

Baker Paris Snowflake Screen, Price Upon Request, 604 736 8822

Holly Hunt Rib Chair, starting at $9,730, 416 363 2996


Moe's Padma Armchair, $587.50, 604 688 0699

Christopher Guy Profondeur 4 Screen
鐵藝框架鏡面屏風, $14,236,, 604 733 1174

Century Furniture Mia Chair 弧形鏤空靠背椅, $1,549,, 604 273 0155