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Taste of Life Magazine is France & Canada's leading luxury lifestyle magazine in Chinese and English.


Fashion Influenced By The Art World

Wendy Jacob

The art world and decorative arts have always served as a muse for fashion. The natural partnership feeds the creative process, and the resulting alchemy is always inspiring.

Renaissance Women

Bottom Right: Cavaliere d’Arpino (Giuseppe Cesari), Archangel Michael and the Rebel Angels, c. 1592–93, oil on copper, Glasgow Museums; Bequeathed by Archibald McLellan, 1856 (153), © CSG CIC Glasgow Museums Collection, Courtesy American Federation of Arts. Middle Bottom: Titian, Christ and the Adulteress , c. 1508-10 oil on canvas; Glasgow Museums; Bequeathed by Archibald McLellan, 1856 (181), © CSG CIC Glasgow Museums Collection, Courtesy American Federation of Arts

Rule The Runways

Renaissance Woman

Take a page from the golden, gilded beauty of the Renaissance, when saintly iconic images decorated the chapels. Delicate brocades, curvaceous scrolls, lush velvets and metallic silks capture the romance of this runway trend. The intricacy of these fabrics elevates cocktail ensembles or even a day shift with a divine touch. 


Simple Lines

Lead To Bold Cuts

Parallel Lines

Strong crisscrossing lines create such a dynamic, mod effect. From peek-a-boo laser cutouts to asymmetric necklines and bold stripes, lines serve to accent the curves of the body. These fashion pieces make you stop and appreciate the clean, modernity of this esthetic, which never goes out of style.


Victorian Roman

Sparks Endless Love

A Fine Romance

The Victorian era was named to honour the powerful presence of a strong monarch. Even though the clothes were demure and uber-feminine — hourglass silhouettes, flounces, lace — they are still regal today. Pretty details make you feel like a queen. Try a tea-length skirt, puffed shoulder, damask top, or layer a dress over a lace blouse. 


Wallpaper Prints

Bear Repeating

Learn To Print

Bloomsbury prints capture the full-blown beauty of the English countryside and eccentric vibe of the artists who created them. This trend is the foundation of a boho look. Keep the look tonal with matching prints for a polished effect, or layer a mix of patterns, then top with a velvet or pony-hair coat for a rock-star vibe. 


Ethnic Ponchos

Pack a Punch

Tent City

The South American poncho is a mainstay because it’s not only warm, but cool. Keep the look authentic with traditional blanket motifs and fringe, or go for a sophisticated version in ponyskin. The beauty of the poncho is what a fashion chameleon it is.


Power Puff Furs

Take a Fierce Stance

Fur Real

Fur has played a central role in human history; it’s contributed to survival. The natural beauty has entranced designers, not only for the warmth it provides, but because it serves as a lustrous and luxurious material. Dyed in jewel tones, it looks completely modern, and the tipped natural variations are striking. 


The Sun Rises

On Eastern Influences

Eastern View

The delicacy of traditional Asian prints turns the runway into a historic parade of the finest kind of workmanship. Stylized chrysanthemum motifs, billowing waves, and sakura prints meld the natural world with exquisite sartorial creativity. This powerful combination is embodied by a writhing dragon and a dreamy scattering of cherry blossom petals.