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Taste of Life Magazine is France & Canada's leading luxury lifestyle magazine in Chinese and English.


our top 5 favorite luxury fashion looks right now

Taste of Life

Cloud-like clothes frame a petal-soft face; the spring dew glimmers around her on the balcony.

Lace embroidered tulle skirt ($2,800) with matching lace scarf ($620) by Helmer Couture and Atelier. White dress ($415) by Theory, at Holt Renfre


There are light green mountains and deep green waters and grasses in this river region not yet faded by autumn.

Pre-treated ostrich feather skirt ($3,200) and wool jacket with tulle flower pin ($900) by Helmer Couture and Atelie


On sunny days, the dense canopy creates a cool pool of shade; dapples of sunlight touch my clothes.

Hand embroidered silk top ($1,200) and pleated skirt ($520) by Helmer Couture and Atelie


Your grasses up north cover the ground like silken jade; here, emerald threads wind around curving mulberry branches.

Silk shantung top ($480) by Helmer Couture and Atelie


The wind blew last night from the west, tousling the plants in the garden. Now yellow petals fall like golden rain. 

Embroidered hem dress ($3,675) by Dolce & Gabana, at Holt Renfre


The sun rises over the lordly roof and warms red-blossomed branches heavy with dew.

Hand embroidered tulle top ($800) by Helmer Couture and Atelier. 
Three-quarter sleeve peplum dress ($650) by Diane Von Furstenberg, at Holt Renfrew

Photographer: Andy Long Hoang / Stylist: Tinashe Musara / Asst Stylist: Maxim Ricicot / Hair & Makeup: Sophie Parrot / Model: Charlene Yang at Montage Models Montreal