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Taste of Life Magazine is France & Canada's leading luxury lifestyle magazine in Chinese and English.

Spring Showers


Spring Showers

Kate Missine


Spring Showers

There are few joys as invigorating as spring rain, but while we can’t always run out to enjoy an al fresco shower, a leisurely soak or energizing rinse in the comfort of your own home is the next best thing. Whether your taste is classic or modern, these fresh baths are the perfect clean start to a new season.  

Classically Clean

It’s hard to go wrong with classics: these refined bathrooms capture the elegance of classically influenced styles and silhouettes for a timelessly beautiful look.


Zen Rituals

Let go of daily worries and connect with the harmony of nature in a serene spa-like setting outfitted in organic materials and opening up wall-to-wall views of the great outdoors.


Creative Concepts

Bright colours, surprising shapes, or bold artistic accents elevate neutral canvases and clean-cut designs from simple to simply stunning.  


English Text by Kate Missine