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Suite 305, South Tower, 5811 Cooney Road
Richmond BC

Taste of Life Magazine is France & Canada's leading luxury lifestyle magazine in Chinese and English.



Many Ngom

Season’s Cheers

Toast the holidays with a golden goblet filled with shimmering potion, the pearls at your earlobes as effervescent as the champagne’s floating bubbles. 


Girl’s Best Friend

An eternal token, sparkling diamonds beribbon pretty bows that need no fancy wrapping paper to perfectly package a gift of timeless elegance. 


A Rare Treat

A decadent indulgence of the most glamorous kind: treat yourself to a glittering jewel box of rare gems and precious treasures. 


Say It with Flowers

No vase required: Bejewelled golden-petal bouquets, lush with vivid blossoms and wreathed with emerald greenery, are as lovely as freshly-picked florals.


Wish Come True

An exquisite rendering of cultural symbolism enhances an intricate brooch with exotic charm, a wearable souvenir of your most wishful travels. 


Let It Snow

Feel the winter’s first snowflakes kissing your skin as they dance gently in the night, twinkling softly on your hair and glimmering at your earlobes. 


Text by Kate Missine Produced by Many Ngom