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Paper Trail


Paper Trail

Kate Missine

From fantastical flora and fauna motifs to organic textures, to classic tone-on-tone patterns, today’s wallpaper choices come in a dizzying array of colours, prints, and materials, for a look that’s as dramatic or subtle as you want it to be. Metallics, fabrics such as linen, and even precious finishes like mother-of-pearl create a rich layered effect, with innovative options such as waterproofing, making the wall treatment as functional as it is elegant. 

 Carl Robinson Edition XII Collection Leopold Mural Wallpaper At Crown Wallpaper & Fabric

Carl Robinson Edition XII Collection Leopold Mural Wallpaper At Crown Wallpaper & Fabric


Living Luxe

Wallpaper’s sophistication takes centre stage in a welcoming living room. Accent one wall with bold print, create a colourful backdrop to a fireplace, or mix it up by combining two wallpaper types in one room. Play up the room’s fabric and upholstery prints with complementary tones. 

Organic Dining

A warm, inviting hearth for family meals and social gatherings calls for natural fibres and botanical inspirations. Tonal patterns and textures that recall wood or stone create a cozy space, and new dirt-resistant and easy-to-clean wallpaper options make it a practical alternative to a kitchen’s traditional tile or brick finishes.

Sweet Dreams

Selecting wall treatments for a bedroom requires careful consideration to promote a restful space. Create a private sanctuary that allows your mind and body to relax and rejuvenate with calm colour palettes and soothing neutral tones. Waterproof wallpaper options work beautifully to highlight a master bath. 


Produced by Rui Chen Text by Kate Missine