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our favorite luxury necklaces to inspire nostalgia

Brett Price

We cannot carry moments into the future. The most we can do is hew momentos out of precious metals, pearls and gems. Every time we touch them or put them on, we remember: the moment your mother put your family’s heirloom bracelet on your wrist, the moment your husband surprised you with the engagement ring, or the moment your daughter placed a pendant around your neck as a birthday gift. A mother’s jewellery box brims with memories and tokens of love.

The years flow by, distinct but strung together like the solid gold circles in this necklace. Little pearls look ebullient tumbling around the neck while larger specimens anchor simpler pieces on the hand and the ears.

Necklace in 18K yellow gold hammered links interspersed with freshwater pearls. $6,500
Earrings in 18K yellow gold, diamond and South Sea pearls. $7,300 for the set
Flexible 18K gold coiled ring with a white freshwater pearl. $1,900
At Stittgen Fine Jewelery, (604) 925-8333,


The classic Panther de Cartier collection purrs. When emerald eyes are inlaid into a panther made of white gold and diamonds, it’s made instantly dynamic and looks poised to strike — a symbol of a mother’s limitless bravery and wisdom.

Panther de Cartier earrings, 18K white gold, diamonds, emeralds, onyx, lacquer. $43,200
Panther de Cartier necklace, 18K white gold, diamonds, emerald, onyx, and lacquer. price upon request
Panther de Cartier ring, 18K white gold, diamonds, emerald. $20,900
At Boutique Cartier Vancouver, (604) 683-6878,


A diamond is forever and so is pure maternal love. Is there a more soulful shape than a teardrop to represent her triumphal journey over life’s joys and sorrows?

De Beers Aura Diamond Sleeper earrings. $50,780
De Beers Imaginary Nature pendant. $22,470
At Boutique De Beers Vancouver, (604) 235-5555,


Pearls are quintessentially maternal. Their curves, undeniably feminine. From the shallow turquoise waters of the South Sea comes a necklace that shimmers with lustre and echoes the inner smile she carries everywhere.

UTOPIA Flower Pendant, in rose gold, diamonds and pearl. $8,500 
UTOPIA Pearl Strand in South Sea baroque pearls. $8,500
UTOPIA Earrings in rose gold, diamond and South Sea Pearls. $17,900 At Palladio, (604) 685-3885,


Coloured diamonds match a mother’s rich life experiences and salute her fearless sacrifices. It took diamonds a long time to become this beautiful. Her beauty continues to blossom as long as she lives.

Vintage Collection necklace in 18K yellow gold, Aquamarine Pendant (56.56CT), 19 Peridots (124.7CT), 19 Aquamarines (4.58CT), 114 Diamonds (7.97CT), 159 Diamonds (3.15CT). $235,000
Vintage Collection earrings in 18K yellow gold, Tsavorite and Diamond (1.51CT). $12,700
At Birks, (604) 669-3333,

Photographer: Liz Rosa  Producer/Creative Director & Stylist: Crystal Carson  Model: Diane with Key Model Management  Make-Up: Andrea Tiller  Hair Stylist: Vanessa Do  Assistant: MJ.Villegas  Location: Miles End Motors