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Matching Personality to Colour

Wendy Jacob

Different colours evoke different feelings, and influence emotions and psychology. Certain colours create a more comfortable living environment and help bring out the best in your mood.

Curious and innovative 


LEMA Collection T030 Shelving Systems 
At Livingspace, (877) 683-1116,


Preference for: yellow
Balancing colours: beige, brown

People who prefer yellow are brave about exploring new things and think outside the box. They don’t want to be bound, can be childlike and sometimes lack a sense of security. Bright yellow shines like the sun, but warm neutrals such as beige, brown or wood tones create a safe ambience for enjoying life.


Optimistic and positive 


Roche Bobois Collection Nouveaux Classiques
At Roche Bobois, (604) 633-5005,


Preference for: red, orange
Balancing colours: blue, green

People who prefer warm colors such as red and orange are full of passion and vitality. They are capable of taking action but tend to be emotional. Matching red and orange with blue and green can highlight the active and positive characteristics of the homeowner and calm irritable and anxious emotions. Blue and green have the effect of relieving fatigue and stress but can generate lonely feelings. They also decrease the appetite, so they would be better for a bedroom than a kitchen or dining room.


Quiet, amiable and humble 


Baker Furniture 
At Brougham Interiors, (604) 736-8822,


Roche Bobois Collection Les Contemporains
At Roche Bobois, (604) 633-5005,


Preference for: blue, green
Balancing colours: brown, orange

People who prefer green and blue are cooperative, sensitive and calm. Cautious and humble, they like to get along with others but can feel lonely and solitary from time to time. Disperse the coldness of cool tones and instill energy with warm and tender brown, or vibrant and vital orange.


Cool and capable 


Roche Bobois Collection Nouveaux Classiques
At Roche Bobois, (604) 633-5005,

Baker Furniture 
At Brougham Interiors, (604) 736-8822,


Preference for: grey, beige
Balancing colours: red, orange

People who prefer grey are rational. They tend to be well-educated and have a great work ethic, however, they are prone to worry too much and can be closed off. Adding positive warm colours such as red, yellow and orange can help them let go of cautiousness so they can meet challenges in a more positive and carefree mood.


Sensitive and aesthetic 


Bassett Furniture 
At Jordan's Casual Home, (604) 248-2180,


Preference for: white, pink
Balancing colours: red, yellow

People who prefer feminine colours such as white and pink are gentle. They expect good things in life but can sometimes be impractical, sensitive and vulnerable. To strengthen power, add radiant red or independent and confident  yellow.