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Taste of Life Magazine is France & Canada's leading luxury lifestyle magazine in Chinese and English.

Living Naturally


Living Naturally

Kate Missine

As our hectic lifestyles grow more high-paced, and urban jungles of concrete and technology close in, step back into touch with nature’s rejuvenating calm — without leaving your home.


Warming Woods 

Wood’s warm tones and rustic feel instantly ramp up the coziness factor in any space. Simple, solid, and endlessly versatile, wood’s organic appeal makes it an indispensable home classic.


Romancing the Stone

Smooth or irregular, polished or rough, natural rocks and stones dazzle in an array of textures, colours, and forms, their cool calming effect enriching any style, from modern to traditional.


Rattan in Bloom

A kaleidoscope of vividly coloured florals and the soothing simplicity of rattans are some of nature’s prettiest offerings, uplifting any room in a brilliant burst of freshness. 



Produced and Chinese Text by Rui Chen  English Text by Kate Missine