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Suite 305, South Tower, 5811 Cooney Road
Richmond BC

Taste of Life Magazine is France & Canada's leading luxury lifestyle magazine in Chinese and English.

Light Touch


Light Touch

Kate Missine

Antique Airs

Bedecked in sparkling crystal, gilded finishes, and refined shapes, a classically styled chandelier invokes the romantic elegance of the Old World.

Swarovski crystal strand chandelier At The Lighting Warehouse, (604) 270-3339

Schonbek Genzano GE4709N-22A Chandelier, $7,888 At The Lighting Warehouse, (604) 270-3339

Baker Furniture Valerian Chandelier, Starting at $14,475

Saint Louis 24-light Arlequin Chandelier, At Atkinson’s, (604) 736-3378

Daring Designs

Fueled by innovation and design ingenuity, these futuristic fixtures transform a wide variety of materials — from marble, to alabaster, to wood and glass — into cutting-edge creations.

Off the Wall

Whether modern or traditional, wall sconce lights are a low-key way to update a room, adding an artful decor element with subtle glow. 

English Text by Kate Missine