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Richmond BC

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some ideas to brighten your homes veranda

Brett Price

A patio or veranda and the spaces that dovetail beyond reach from a home like arms, offering a welcome, waving farewell or reposing with the life inside.


Designed by Alda Pereira Design
Built by Goldwood Homes Ltd.


Open your home to the vast outdoors with a few of the ingenious ideas found on the following pages like skylights on the patio roof; they bring the sun inside in all seasons while the overhang keeps off the weather.

Now here’s a place for a few good friends, where conversation is sparked around the outdoor fire, continues all night, and floats up toward distant stars.  

Party Watermelon Outdoor Pillow 
604 269 4300

B&B Italia Lens Low Tables, 604 682 3868

Kettal Cottage Kettal
604 682 3868

Designed by Heffel Balagno Design Consultants
Built by Bradner Homes

Dedon 3-Seater Armrest Dedon 604 736 8822

Party Turquoise Indoor-Outdoor Rug, 604 269 4300

Copper Wind Chimes, 604 269 4300

Sywawa Brandy Fire Basket, 877 683 1116

Anchor Hocking Swish Drinkware Set
At Bed Bath & Beyond,
604 904 1118


Design by John Medland Architect
Built by API Construction Ltd.

Global Tiles  20" Sq. Outdoor Pillow, 604 269 4300

Pier 1 Blue & White Bird Garden Stool, 604 742 2340

Kettal Bitta 3-Seater Sofa Kettal Bitta, 604 682 3868

Serralunga Primavera Plant pot, 877 683 1116

Kettal Maia Egg Chair
604 682 3868

Reflection Centerpiece, 604 269 4300

Photo by Justin Ekersall / Heffel Balagno Design Consultants / Martin Tessler