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Las Vegas, Elegantly


Las Vegas, Elegantly

Brett Price

Make your next trip to Las Vegas fabulously rejuvenating.


For a relaxing, enriching weekend full of sunny skies, spa treatments, poolside lounging, and magical entertainment, look no further than Las Vegas, Nevada. Although the sensitive among us might be conditioned to give it a wide berth, the city has a quiet side and can be an oasis of calm and wonder. Forget everything you know about Las Vegas and get ready for “Zen City.” 

A sublime retreat

While the Mandarin Oriental is Nevada’s only hotel with a five-diamond rating, many visitors stay there because of what it doesn’t have: casinos and cigarette smoke. Just off of the famous Strip, a bamboo forest surrounds the Mandarin’s entryway and signals the beginning of a quietly glamorous atmosphere with sculptural, Oriental-lacquer-inspired decor. Check-in at the Sky Lobby on the 23rd floor and take in the rose-coloured mountains and limitless horizon. Then stop by the rooftop pool and café, one of the city’s best. Order a cocktail, recline in a chaise lounge, and let Nevada’s warm, dry climate gently bake the Canadian winter out of your bones. Muscles surrender to heat and soon you’ll be primed for a massage. 

Since the mid-century, Las Vegas has been perfecting the art of recuperation and boasts some of America’s best spas. Branch out to the Spa at the Encore Hotel, consistently ranked one of the top in the city. Everyone arrives at the spa entrance at a naturally slower pace after marveling at Encore’s beautifully imaginative decor, especially the Lake of Dreams, Wing Lei restaurant and the Esplanade. 

Inside the spa, Moroccan and Chinese-themed furnishings in a muted palette transport and prepare your mind for deep relaxation. Choose a series of massages with varying pressure or end the appointment with a body scrub or invigorating aromatherapy to feel refreshed before dinner and a show. 


Believe in magic again 

David Copperfield, the magician who has “Walked through the Great Wall of China” and made the Statue of Liberty disappear on live television, has reportedly sold more tickets than any solo performer in history. His past feats include flying, separating himself into two halves in plain sight, and instantly teleporting himself and an audience member to Hawaii and back. Is it real or misdirection? Try to guess his secrets, or let the part of you that believes marvel at his supernatural abilities. Either way, “Copperfield’s spectacular illusion and artistry will leave you gaping in unabashed amazement,” says the Chicago Sun Times. His newest production debuts on November 14th at the MGM Grand.

Hundreds of destinations that offer peace and quiet can be reached in the same time it takes to get to Las Vegas, but where else can you walk through wild desert vistas as easily as an Alexander McQueen boutique? Or tuck into a quiet booth at a Michelin-starred restaurant and be wowed by the world’s greatest performers any day of the week? Las Vegas has stolen the show many times on the world’s stage, but now, for its next act, elegance and relaxation.


Magician David Copperfield has won 22 Emmy Awards and continues to amaze with his unexplainable illusions at the MGM Grand.