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Fireplaces that Warm the Hearth & Home for the Holidays

Lauren Williams

Ancient sources of warmth, light, beauty and coziness.

In Greek mythology, Prometheus stole fire from Olympus to return to mankind, after Zeus stole it in anger. Our own ingenuity since has created firepits and fireplaces for both indoor and outdoor use. Taste of Life invited three of Canada’s most well-known fireplace suppliers, Napoleon Fireplaces, Solus Décor, and Montigo, to tell us about the latest products, trends, and safety matters in the industry.

From a glass enclosure where flames light traditional logs or shiny pebbles, to a propane-run, cement fire table on the deck of a condo, fireplace designs are hot. Clean-lined, sleek models are in demand, some looking almost like HD TVs. But the most popular trend is customization: 18-foot-tall glass housing, linear fireplaces that span nearly a whole room, and even a curved row of flames.

Other custom add-ons double as safety features: on/off switches, double-paned glass, mesh barriers, power venting and dimmers to control the heat. These features make a hearth more adjustable — a little summer romance or warming up a chilly space on a cold night. They also keep the glass around a fire a manageable temperature, when necessary.

Elevated Halo Fire Table by Solus Decor. The glowing ring made by the reflection of the flames (inset) is difficult to achieve.

If nights are especially cold for you, a gas fireplace with louvers is an option to consider. Louvers vent warm air directly into a room and throw more heat at an outdoor party than their sleek cousins do. That said, new mechanisms for venting glass-walled fireplaces are allowing designers to add them to rooms that never could have had one before.

One of Solus’ customers shared the elemental appeal that fire has over even the most impenetrable of personalities: “When I turn my firepit on, my teenagers come sit around it and spend time with us all by themselves. It’s the only time they do that. They put down their phones, their games and their computers and just watch the fire.”