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been working all day? try Sipping this goji berry and ginseng concoction

Margaret Trey

Pastel white chrysanthemum blooms and flaming red Goji berries amidst brown ginseng slices. Elixir for the New Year, this drink soothes your eyes and brightens even the greyest wintry day.


Sip this chrysanthemum, goji berry and ginseng concoction if you’ve been working all day on your computer. Since ancient times, Chinese people have known the healing properties of these three superfoods.

Warming (Yang) Korean ginseng and cooling (or more Yin) American ginseng (Panax quinquefolius) pair well with each other. Ginseng, regarded as an “adaptogen,” helps us to manage stress. It’s often blended with other herbs in Chinese medicine to create a synergetic healing effect.

Considered an elixir for longevity, chrysanthemum soothes nerves. According to Li Shizhen, one of China’s greatest herbalists, chrysanthemum helps to purge heat and toxins from the body, removing liver fire and improving eyesight.

Dubbed the longevity fruit, Goji berry is the new king of superfoods, with over 2,000 antioxidants and 500 times more Vitamin C than an equivalent weight in oranges. This wonder berry has been used to heal kidneys, liver and eye diseases. The US Department of Agriculture rates Goji berry top on the Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity (ORAC) scale: 25,300 per 100g versus prunes, which rank second with a score of 5,800 per 100g.

 For brighter eyes, better health and wellness, make this tea a regular part of your day. 


3 slices American ginseng
1 slice Korean ginseng
1 tsp (2g) Goji berries
6 chrysanthemum flowers.


Place ingredients in cup. Add 7oz (200ml) boiling water. Cover and steep for 10 minutes. Drink. Add more hot water to reuse ingredients several times.

Photography by Hsuyi Shih