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Suite 305, South Tower, 5811 Cooney Road
Richmond BC

Taste of Life Magazine is France & Canada's leading luxury lifestyle magazine in Chinese and English.


Dynamic Lines

Elizabeth Wang

Points, lines, planes and the third dimension — the bones of design and ingenuity. These pieces make the process part of the atmosphere.

Moooi Labyrinth Chair, Green, $4,631
Slightly exaggerated armrests and a maze-like upholstery pattern together create a fairytale-like unreality, but also invoke the simple pleasures of childhood.
at Livingspace, 877 683 1116

Living Divani Off Cut Bookshelf, Starting at $5,159
Assemble wood splints of different lengths, just like toys in a child’s hands, and apply endless imagination and creativity. Voilà. Shelf options include crystal and wood.
at Livingspace, 877 683 1116

Mint Cuckoo Wall Clock, $769
The Italian cuckoo clock is graphically interpreted in two dimensions, but the shadow on the wall honours the past. Classic fun endowed with a new sense of the times.
at Mint Interiors, 604 568 3430

Moe’s Naya Rug, $939
Weaves the room’s dashing theme together. A truly lived-in home is always a little untidy and this pattern is like an ode to well-loved things.
at Moe’s Home Collection, 604 687 5599

Holly Hunt Keeper’s Light Table Lamp, $6,750
A hand-blown leaded crystal lampshade will keep the creative fire burning on your desk or beside the bed. Dark Amber Bronze patina with hand rubbed finish.
at studio b home, 416 363 2996

EQ3 Tate End Table, $99
A solid oak end table finished naturally. Tripod-like minimalist design and traditional mortise and tenon joint structure. Wherever it is, it adds artistic, unadorned style.
at EQ3, 604 681 5155