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Travel With Us To Our Favorite Dining Destinations


Travel With Us To Our Favorite Dining Destinations

Laine McDonnell

Sometimes getting to your favourite meal is half the fun. 

Sightseeing and seafood by sailboat around Southern Italy

Perched atop a quiet hillside, Ravelo boasts the most sensational views of the Amalfi Coast. But to add some excitement, charter a sailboat and visit the alluring Blue Grotto on your way to the isle of Capri. Nearly hidden under the arches of a narrow lane, you’ll find one of the island’s best secrets, Da Gemma. The restaurant has been around since the 1930’s, surely owing to their famous seafood pasta.


Amalfi Coast, Italy


Fresh fish at Trattoria Da Gemma

sunny: leoks/; yummy: Trattoria Da Gemma


Flights, fromage, and fondue in Switzerland

It doesn’t get more picturesque than the winter hot-air-balloon festival in Gstaad. Soar majestically above the snow-covered Swiss Alps for the annual Château d’Oex, which takes place during the last week in January and features balloons from all over the world. Then warm up with a cocktail while you take in the sweeping mountain vistas from the stately Gstaad Palace bar, or head to La Fromagerie for its famous champagne truffle fondue.


Gstaad, Switzerland


Fondue at Gstaad Palace Restaurant

snowy: Château-d’Oex; yummy: Gstaad Palace Restaurant


Afternoon in England, dinner in France, courtesy of Eurostar

Say you’re shopping around posh Knightsbridge in London, and nothing in Harrods Food Hall strikes your fancy. Just dash over to St. Pancras and hop on the Eurostar. In just over two hours you’ll be ensconced in the beauty of Paris, as you walk along the Seine. Venture to the 7th arrondissement where you’ll find impeccable French cuisine from famed chef Christian Constant at Les Cocottes. Enjoy a late lunch looking into their open kitchen, finding specials on the blackboard, and then take in the sunset in the park below the Eiffel Tower.

Eurostar between London and Paris

A soufflé at Les Cocottes

train: Eurostar; yummy: Christian constant


High-class hovering in Belgium

Diners, hold onto your seats… enjoy an elevated dining experience up-close and personal with Brussels’ most esteemed chefs, 50 meters in the sky. As you relish gourmet creations specially designed for dining aloft, you’ll soak in the views of the Grand-Place, Notre Dame du Sablon, and other Flemish landmarks. The platform rotates, so nobody will miss a vista. Reservations available for June 2016.


Brussels, Belgium


Dinner in the Sky

JJ De Neyer / Triptyque


Fjords and funiculars: the hamlets of Norway

The best way to see Bergen, Norway, is on the Fløibanen funicular (inclined train) which travels up Mt. Fløyen in just 8 minutes. On top of the mountain, you can hike — or simply appreciate the city below and the surrounding fjords. Afterwards, enjoy dinner at Lysverket, where the only choice you’ll have to make is between four and seven wonderful courses of acclaimed Neo-Nordic cuisine in an historic building that used to house a power company.


Bergen, Norway


Neo-Nordic dining at Lysverket

scenery: Sverre Hjørnevik; food: Bonjwing Lee


Grilling up a road trip through the Southern US

It doesn’t get more all-American than the road trip. What better way to immerse yourself in the scenery and culture of the South than to drive through it? Stopping, of course, for some BBQ ribs along the way. Start at Oklahoma Joe’s in Kansas City, Mo., with a full slab and burnt ends, if they have them. Then head to Charlie Vergos’ Rendezvous in Memphis, Tenn., known for their famous dry-rub seasoning; and end up at Dreamland BBQ in Tuscaloosa, Ala., where the ribs are king and the banana pudding is not to be forgotten.


Utah, United States

Charlie Vergos’ Rendezvous in Memphis, Tenn.

road: Rolf_52 / Shutterstock; food: Bonjwing Lee


Old world, modern luxury aboard the Orient Express

For true old-world luxury, take the fabled Orient Express between top European destinations such as Istanbul and Venice. On board, you can luxuriate in the art deco champagne car dripping with custom Lalique glass as Europe rushes past your window. Or indulge in the restaurant where chef Christian Bodiguel and his team prepare European dishes in cars like the L’Oriental, bedecked in black lacquer that’s almost as stunning as your meal.


Orient Express


couches: Matt Hind; food: Matt Hind; Train in motion: Belmond


Island hopping and getting fishy in Hawaii

The lush island of Kauai offers refuge amidst its verdant mountains, breathtaking waterfalls, and pristine shoreline, making it perfect for a romantic getaway. Take a dive off the coast to experience its thriving coral reefs or visit the Steelgrass Chocolate Farm. But we say it’s worth a short flight by seaplane to stop by Maui for the unforgettable Mama’s Fish House. The fish at Mama’s is so fresh that the fisherman who caught it that very morning is named on the menu.


Chinaman’s Hat, Hawaii


Fresh-caught fish at Mama’s Fish House