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Designing your Dream Kitchen


Designing your Dream Kitchen

Janine Mackie

Your kitchen is a multitasker, just like you. And designing a functional space depends on the specific roles you want it to fill. Pro appliances and ample marble counters may be a must for the serious gourmet cook, while gathering friends over chopping and wine translates into an inviting, warm setting with plenty of mingling room. 

In planning out your kitchen layout, consider the four essential zones: food preparation, washing, cooking, and storage, as well as an optional dining area. A functional plan will ensure everything is conveniently within reach, space is maximized, and work flows smoothly. Try starting with one of these four popular layouts in your kitchen, and customize as needed.


This split floor plan divides the kitchen into two parallel sections. Flexible and spacious, it’s a good choice for open-style kitchens.

 Kitchen Craft Cabinetry Kitchen At Kitchen Craft, (604)298-9277,

Kitchen Craft Cabinetry Kitchen
At Kitchen Craft, (604)298-9277,

Snaidero Code Collection
At Snaidero, (604) 669-4330,



The four or five zones are arranged in a semi-circular layout, clockwise or counterclockwise depending on foot traffic and preference. This universal design works well in any space or home style.


Snaidero Way Collection
At Snaidero, (604) 669-4330,



In this type of layout, the different zones face each other and are close together, with shorter distances. This design can save space in enclosed kitchens, and help section the kitchen off in an open layout.

Snaidero Certosa Collection
At Snaidero, (604) 669-4330,

Scavolini Crystal Collection
At Scavolini, (604) 569-1606,



All of the kitchen zones set in one straight line, this layout is simple, space-saving, and lends itself well to smaller homes and apartments.

Snaidero Opera Collection
At Snaidero, (604) 669-4330,

Scavolini Motus Collection
At Scavolini, (604) 569-1606,