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explore the history of the iconic chaise lounge

Catherine Dunwoody

The graceful lines of a woman’s body have inspired artists and craftsmen in both Eastern and Western cultures for centuries.

The sensual shape of the chaise lounge is a case in point; this iconic piece of furniture appears to be designed especially for women. This classic, sometimes referred to as a fainting couch, looks like a long, narrow day bed, often with back and arm rests.

The seat is believed to have originated in ancient Egypt, then became popular in Greece, Rome, and finally China. Appreciating its womanly curves, the Chinese connected it with Yang Guifei’s charm, one of the Four Ancient Beauties, naming it the “Guifei Chaise.”

In Europe, these recliners, with their innate air of elegance, can often be seen in palaces or villas of royal families. In every design era, whether it be Gothic, Baroque, or Rococo, this chair has a presence. Traditional European-style designs have a backrest, a wavy shape, and very often exquisitely carved wood details, gold foil, or a decorative stone inlay.

Chaise lounges are not only ornamental, but also practical and comfortable. Today, their style tends to be simple, more linear, less fussy and with cleaner lines.

There’s nothing like kicking back on one in the afternoon sun, curled up with a good book. Catnap optional.

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