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Glow on


Glow on

Kate Missine

No need to hide behind oversized sunnies — this year, be ready to face the sun in bronzed glory, thanks to these glow-enhancing summer skin savers.

Dreamskin 1-Minute Mask
by Dior

Courtesy of a high-tech acid exfoliant combo, this pearl-pink powdery gel turns into an instantly invigorating chemical peel, revitalizing and revealing younger-looking skin in a mere 60 seconds. 

Aviar Illuminating Pearl Infusion
by LaPrairie

The luminous shells of La Prairie’s creamy caviar pearls shield the skin from harmful particles, while the infusion inside soothes and protects against sun damage to prevent dark spots, redness, and inflammation. 


Terracotta Sun Trio by Guerlain

The only palette combining a bronzer, highlighter, and contour powder in one, this matte-finish trio comes in three colour choices to create a natural, customized tan and contoured effect — no sun needed!


Sublimage Le Teint by CHANEL

This glow-generating foundation is light enough for rising temperatures and packed with intensely hydrating Vanilla planifolia pods and luminous diamond powder for a flawless, creamy complexion. 

Instant Light Lip Comfort Oil
by Clarins

Heat, sun, and saltwater can be harsh on the lips’ fragile skin. Cocoon and nourish your pout this summer with this refreshing lightweight oil formula, rich in active plant ingredients, that protects and adds shine without stickiness. 

Beach weather is almost here, and that means tank tops, short shorts, and of course bikinis! Get your body swimsuit-ready and gorgeous in a flash with these warm-weather beauty helpers.

Self-Tanning Cream Natural Glow by Dior

More than simply a self-tanner, this innovative sunless tinted gel showcases a groundbreaking new formula that optimizes the skin’s pH level to achieve a natural sun-bronzed glow sparked with golden highlights. 

Body Excellence Firming and Rjuvenating Cream by CHANEL

Purple bengle, sugar, and hibiscus seed extract work their magic in this silky lotion, for smoothing and gently exfoliating action resulting in supple, firmer, more elastic skin. 

Crushed Cabernet Scrub by Caudalie

Hailing from Bordeaux wine country, this smoothing, slimming-action scrub combines crushed grape seeds, golden honey, brown sugar, and six essential oils, to slough off dead cells and reveal the soft, silky skin beneath. 

Body Fit by Clarins

Sixty years of expertise in body contouring treatments stands behind this unique extract: imbued with powerful quince leaf extract, the refreshing cream-gel defines and reduces appearance of cellulite while instantly lifting, firming, and smoothing the skin. 

English Text by Kate Missine  Translated by Tiana Wong Produced and Styled by Many Ngom