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Bali Barbecued Octopus with Asian Gazpacho

Brett Price


Let the aroma of enchanting spices and herbs lead you to Cuca, the new destination eatery on Bali’s posh southern peninsula. 


Cuca, a new tapas restaurant in Bali, is a lesson in passion. Chef Kevin Cherkas did turns in elite kitchens like Spain’s El Bulli before devoting himself to Cuca where his Western cooking techniques utilize 100% Indonesian ingredients and arrive to the table in portions that encourage never-ending sampling of a parade of tastes. Freeze, boil and grill the mystery out of octopus and sample one of Cherkas’ passionate creations for yourself.

Ingredients (Serves 4): 

1 octopus
fresh. 1 roasted corn cob
¼ cauliflower
1 apple
1 bunch cilantro. 

Sushi vinegar ingredients

60ml rice wine vinegar
50g sugar
50g salt

Asian gazpacho ingredients

5 jalapeno peppers, deseeded
50g ginger
Sushi vinegar, to taste
150g green onion stems
150g cilantro leaves and stems
60ml olive oil
5ml bread crumbs

Special marinade ingredients

50g garlic
50g ginger
5ml chili
50g parsley, coarse-chopped
2 pieces lime zest
200ml oil 

Directions for sushi vinegar

Cook together all ingredients on low heat. Stir while cooking to prevent sugar from coloring. Cook until mixture is clear, do not boil. Strain and cool. Store room temperature until needed.

Directions for Asian gazpacho

Place all ingredients in blender. Blend 1 minute.  Strain through fine strainer. Cool over ice.  Refrigerate until needed.

Directions for special marinade

Add ginger, chili, oil, lime zest and garlic to blender. Puree until smooth. Add in chopped parsley and puree until medium chopped. Do not overblend parsley. The marinade should not be green.

Directions for octopus and garnish

Clean octopus: remove head, chop legs. Freeze to tenderize; defrost in refrigerator overnight. Add octopus to boiling, heavily salted water. Return to boil, lower heat and simmer 1 hour. Remove from heat, let cool 1 hour. Refrigerate 2 hours. Cut into serving portions and refrigerate octopus in special marinade for a minimum of 4 hours. 

Blanch cauliflower in boiling water 1 minute, dry, then cook in hot oil for 1 minute. Cut corn from the cob, slice apple, pluck cilantro leaves. Grill octopus until golden brown on all sides. Pour gazpacho into four bowls, add warm octopus and garnish. Serve and enjoy!