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Artisan Gallery


Artisan Gallery

Tara dos Santos

Each item carefully crafted by an artisan contains a story. The story is that of the medium — be it primordial stone, the potter’s clay drawn from diverse landscapes, or crystal born of an almost alchemical process. 

It is also the story of the artisan’s soul, which enters each unique design. It is often a story of triumph over adversity, the dedication to perfection despite all obstacles, and the willingness to linger over fine details in a fast-paced and mechanized world. 

These are the stories we have curated for our Luxury Home & Design Show, which will bring together world-class artisans May 3–6, 2018, in Vancouver. Attendees will engage with these artisans and their work firsthand. 
Through our Artisan Gallery, we give readers a glimpse of these stories.

Ancient Art of  Stone

The solid, yet ethereal, art of stone

The stone megaliths of humanity’s distant past speak to the timeless and spellbinding nature of stone as an artistic medium. Ancient Art of Stone taps into that magic, reaching deep into ancient traditions to create mesmerizing artworks.

Its founders, Andreas and Naomi Kunert, create spiraling stone murals using “sacred geometry” — inspired by the shapes that form galaxies, hurricanes, and ferns as they unfold. They carve smooth and mystical scenes in stone, accentuated with onyx, basalt, crystals, and many rare materials. A basalt and stone bar they made even contains a 300-million-year-old nautilus from Madagascar and petrified wood from Mount St. Helens.


Their artwork is so moving, it has often made people cry at trade shows. “Being right in front of it, they will just start to weep,” Naomi says. “Sometimes grown men say, ‘I don’t even know why I’m crying. I don’t usually cry.’”

The Kunerts believe in the healing and metaphysical properties traditionally attributed to stones and crystals and have found their work helpful in bringing healing through their use of these materials.

Text by Tara dos Santos