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A Taste of Basque Culture


A Taste of Basque Culture

Laine McDonnell


This delicate wrought-iron fence separates the city of San Sebastián from La Concha beach.  asife/


On the border of France and Spain, along the shores of the azure Cantabrian Sea, lies the Basque region. It doesn’t truly belong to either country; its 3 million inhabitants share a culture all their own — wholly different and authentically special. 

Its people are members of one of the oldest European civilizations. Basque culture has not been dismantled and absorbed into “Spanish” and “French” by the boundary superimposed upon it in relatively recent times. Its language, traditions, and exquisite food still reflect its distinct roots. 

Yet Spanish and French history and culture have a place here as well. In this region, one can enjoy the best of Spain and France, as well as the unique Basque culture.

Text by Laine McDonnell