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Suite 305, South Tower, 5811 Cooney Road
Richmond BC

Taste of Life Magazine is France & Canada's leading luxury lifestyle magazine in Chinese and English.

A Royal Celebration


A Royal Celebration

Taste of Life

Queen’s Garden

Channel the lush roses and fragile peonies as you stroll through the fragrant garden’s stone paths clad in vibrant fuchsias, petal pinks, and dainty floral details.


Memoirs of an Heiress

Tailored lines and feminine silhouettes define a rising royal’s sophisticated ensemble, in a crisp black-and-white palette freshened with on-trend cuts and pretty pastels. 


Royal Ball

A floor-length gold gown is the foundation to a showstopping entrance. Classic black and gold accents complete the timeless belle-of-the-ball look.


Purple Reign

No other shade speaks to regal stature like rich royal purple. Take the throne in deep violet hues and luxe fabrications, paired with brilliant ruby reds.


Swan Princess

White satin and a full skirt twirl with rose gold, crystal, and whimsical detail in a romantic dance fit for a ballet fairy tale. 


Crown Jewels

Take the royal gala by storm, draped in a spellbinding sheath of shimmering sapphire, the mysterious glint of emeralds mirroring a princess’ enigmatic gaze.