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Shake off Winter with this delicious soup recipe

Rebecca Wang


Winter is fading away. At this time of the year, the liver needs protecting, internal yang energy needs nourishing and heat accumulated in the spleen and stomach should be cleared out. This particular duck soup will do just that. Tonic, nourishing and mild, it is a perfect dish for early March. 

Lotus seeds, fried Job’s Tears seeds and Chinese yam tonify* the spleen; dried tangerine peel regulates gastrointestinal movements; ginger promotes the movement of yang. Duck meat is cool in nature, according to Traditional Chinese Medicine, and sweet, so it can balance deficiencies and clear heat.


6g      dried tangerine peel or mandarin orange peel
30g    lotus seeds
30g    seeds of Job’s Tears
12g    Chinese yam
10g    ginger
250g  duck meat
Salt to taste


Rinse and core lotus seeds; dip Chinese yam in water; rinse dried tangerine or mandarin peel and ginger; fry Job’s Tears seeds in wok until they turn yellow.

Rinse and cut duck meat; blanch in boiling water and skim foam; remove from water.

Place all ingredients into soup pot and add water. Put pot on high heat until water boils, simmer 2 hours. Season with salt.

Photography by Hsuyi Shih