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A Quiet Walk Through London's Hidden Gem

Ben Maloney

The Pimlico area of London is rich with charming townhomes and quiet streets. Perfect for an evening stroll or an overnight stay. Outside of the tourist mainstay, it’s close enough to Victoria tube station to get to London’s main attractions, but far enough away for a peaceful night’s sleep.

London's classic red phone booth line the street around Pimlico.  (Ben Maloney)

I just finished retracing the steps of one thousand years of royalty in England. I’d walked the coronation path at Westminster Abbey while simultaneously learning the names of more royalty than I ever thought I would know. The biggest tree in England has to be the royal family tree. I’d entered the Tower of London to see the glitz and glamor of the royal jewels and immediately discovered an affinity for purple velvet.

My guide for the tour was one of the best private luxury guides in London, Henrietta Ferguson. As a blue badge guide with 16 years of experience, her deep knowledge of the history of Britain was invaluable for retracing the lineage of the crown. As we parted ways for the day she asked, “Where are you headed”. “I’m staying in Pimlico” I replied. Her eyes light up a bit, “Oh I know it. What a nice area.”  Upon returning that evening, I started to understand what she meant.

Flowers poke out from the gates around Eccleston Square. (Ben Maloney)

Walking around the neighborhood at sunset proved to be the most peaceful walks during my time in London. The charm of the neighborhood stretches from the flowers in the square to the patterned walkways and brightly painted doors that greet you as you walk by. It’s quiet and the only noticeable sounds came from talkative birds singing their favorite songs to each other. The area is also home to a historic hotel, which feels more like a city manor than a commercial hotel. 

The Georgian House was built as a private house in 1851 by William Chinnery Mitchell and the current owners are his direct descendants. Entering the house I felt more like I was entering the city manor of a duke rather than a hotel. The line of chic white columns that run along Eccleston Square lead you to the front door. Winston Churchill lived a few doors down, between 1909 and 1913. The welcome area for the house looks much like it must have way back in 1851, a large classical portrait painting overlooks you as you check in.

Upon returning to my room I was greeted with a handwritten note and a bottle of fine wine. I fell asleep feeling very much like an invited guest spending the night after a summer party.

A London cab waits down the street from the Georgian House Hotel. (Ben Maloney)