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One With Earth


One With Earth

J.H. White

In a world divided, one artist paints a new vision where opposites not only attract, they align. Canadian artist Norah Borden showcases her large-scale Planet Earth collection while UrtheCast will simultaneously reveal its own universal wonders, with first ever ultra-HD video streaming straight from space.

Borden reinvents an age-old painting technique called sfumato, the same Leonardo da Vinci used to give Mona Lisa’s eyes their lifelike glow. She applies hundreds of layers of paint on top of each other (giving each work an astounding four inch thickness), which creates an optical illusion — a luminosity — that tricks the eye into seeing different perspectives. To the mining firms and jewelers (like De Beers) that collect her works, some of her canvases resemble carnelian crystals, lapis lazuli or marble. To a star gazer, it’s like looking through the clouds and seeing earth’s immense masses of land and sea.

 Canadian Artist Norah Borden

Canadian Artist Norah Borden

By playing with various perspectives, the paintings have an exploratory nature of their own,” explains Borden. “The point of dialogue that most intrigues me is, although borders separate and define everything, from our natural resources to cultural attitudes, there is far more that we share in the world than that which divides us. Everything is interconnected, and everything we do has a resonating effect.”

The exhibition “Where Art Meets Science” opens June 17th and goes until September 14th at the Science World at TELUS World of Science.