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Our Tips For New Fresh Space To Begin The Year


Our Tips For New Fresh Space To Begin The Year

Kate Missine

With the New Year behind us, there’s no better time to treat your home to a makeover. Freshen up your space with a brand-new look for a brand-new year.

The beginning of a new year is a time for fresh starts, and your home is no exception. But giving your space an update doesn’t have to mean spending the holidays elbow-deep in drywall. For novelty without the commitment, try changing up wallpaper, playing with lighting, or adding a gorgeous carpet. These three simple elements pack a strong visual punch to instantly transform a room from bland to bling.

Blossoms in the Spring

The warmth of spring may be months away, but these pastel blooms and vibrant florals will evoke its sweet-smelling breeze, bound to brighten up the gloomiest of winter days.

Jan Kath Russia With Love 8' x 10' Rug, $16,570
At Jan Kath, (604) 254-5284

Elk Lighting Heritage Chandelier, Price Upon Request
At The Lighting Warehouse, (604) 270-3339


A Touch of Vintage

Whether a Chinese-themed blue-and-white motif or a traditional European print, these vintage-inspired styles infuse your space with the classic glamour of days past.

Schonbek Alea AL6506 Chandeliers, Price Upon Request
At The Lighting Warehouse, (604) 270-3339

Decorium Willow Blue Accent Rug $1,359
At Decorium, (800) 232-2267


Stone Chic

Always in style, the organic simplicity of stone is current yet timeless; give it a modern spin with metal detail and unexpected texture.


Festive Red

In both Western and Eastern cultures, red is the color of festivities and holiday celebrations. Spice things up with crimson, scarlet, and ruby accents to fill your home with holiday spirit all year long.

Salari Jardan Crimson Carpet 8'x10', $13,760
At Salari, (604) 261-3555

Baccarat Heritage Lamp Orgue, Price Upon Request
At Atkinson's, (604) 736-3378