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Watches Inspired By The Elements Come To Life


Watches Inspired By The Elements Come To Life

Kate Missine

The energy of the Five Elements come to life as expressions of time in unique wristwatches that capture the Wu Xing’s properties of Metal, Wood, Water, Fire, and Earth.


Minute Repeater Tourbillon with Gold Bridges Watch

The rose gold case and elegant gold bridges of Girard-Perregaux’s innovative tourbillon show off the beauty of metal with flawless craftsmanship. A black alligator leather strap, representing the black property of Water in the Wu Xing, creates the effect of Metal generating Water. The sophisticated minute repeater is set on the face of the wristwatch, for clear sound regardless of positioning. Power reserve of 58 hours; water resistance to 30 metres., at Palladio, (604) 685-3885



Ulysse Nardin

Marine Perpetual Watch

The Marine Perpetual’s sporty dynamic style echoes the vitality of Wood in the Wu Xing. Ulysse Nardin’s pioneering “3S” technique combines the hardness of diamonds with the softness of rubber, and the relationship of Water generating Wood is formed by the black color scheme set off with vivid green accents. Water resistance up to 200 metres. 
at Lugaro Jewellers, (604) 430-2040




Master Grande Tradition Tourbillon Cylindrique

The graceful Water element sets the perfect tone for this feminine, oriental-themed piece that showcases the art of enamel painting. An intricate composition of swimming carp, bamboo, waves, and lotus flowers is highlighted by platinum and diamonds in a nod to water’s sparkle and flow, all on a blue alligator strap. A small second hand is attached on the delicate cylindrical tourbillon. Power reserve of 45 hours; water resistance to 50 metres., at Palladio, (604) 685-3885



Diva Collection Jewellery Watch

Inspired by exceptional women, from movie stars, to artists, to scientists, the BVLGARI Diva Collection celebrates the brilliance and depth of women’s passion in life and work. The rose gold case, representing Metal, is set with brilliant-cut diamonds, mandarin garnets, tourmalines, and pink opal detail. The brown strap, symbolizing Earth, completes the Wu Xing relationships of Fire generating Earth and Earth generating Metal., at Montecristo Jewellers, (604) 263-3611


Vacheron Constantin

Historiques Toledo 1951 Watch

A simple rectangular case on a dark brown alligator strap invites the element Earth, conjuring its density and warmth. The 18K rose gold case features a burnished three-tier design that enhances light refraction, with an intricate mechanical engraving at the dial’s center. Power reserve about 40 hours; water resistance to 30 metres., at Palladio, (604) 685-3885